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2. rib
Accessory cervical rib
Accessory fissure on CT
Accessory fissure on plain film
Anatomic scheme
Aortic elongation
Aortic nipple
Arcus aortae dexter
Arcus aortae dexter duplex
Arteria lusoria
Axillary fold
Bilateral bronchography
Bronchus of the lingula
Cardiac changes in lateral view
Cardiac dimensions in p.a.
Cardiac valves
Cervical lymphoma
Cervical rib
Cervical ribs
Clavicular indentation
Cloth folds
Costosternal joint
Diaphragmatic insertions
Diaphragmatic lobulation
Double-window technique
Externally situated materials
Extrathoracic lesions
Extreme right convex scoliosis
Extreme scoliosis
Film-object distance
Free subdiaphragmal air
Heart in lateral projection
High resolution CT (HRCT)
Inner rib margin
Inspiration and expiration
Intercostal fat
Interlobular septum
Intermediate bronchus
Intrathoracic vessels
Left accessory vena cava superior
Left upper lobe bronchus
Ligamentum rhomboideum
Lobus cardiacus
Lordotic view
Lordotic view of the lung apices
Low-dose CT
Lower lobe bronchus
Lower rib border
Lung segments
MRI of the large intrathoracic vessels
Middle lobe bronchus
Motion blurring of the diaphragm
Multiplanar CT reconstructions
Normal exam
Normal frontal chest radiograph
Pectoral muscle
Pericardial fat
Pericardial fold
Problems with wide windowing
Procc. transversariae
Pulmonary angiography
Pulmonary ligament
Quick density measurement
Remaining lower lobe bronchi
Rib and proc. transversaria
Rib apophysis
Rib bifurcation
Rib calcification
Rib cartilage
Rib indentations
Rib insertion
Right upper lobe bronchi
Right ventricular outflow tract
Scapular margin
Screen artefacts
Secondary lobule - lung peripery
Secondary lobule - magnified
Silhouette sign
Skin lesions
Skin wart
Sternocleidomastoid muscle
Supraclavicular fossa
Synopsis of bronchial anatomy
The 6th segmental bronchus
The concept
The concept of the vascular pedicle
Transposition of Aorta.
Unseen findings - PA
Unseen findings - The second plane
Venous collateral vasculature
Visualisation by free intraperitoneal air
Visualisation of vessels
Visualization by pneumothorax
Why a second view?
Wide and narrow lung windows

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